Hospitals in Turkey

There is three type of hospitals in turkey, first of them public hospitals, university hospitals, and private hospitals.Where social and health insurance is regulated by the government. and also there is private health insurance to be obtained.Most public and private hospitals in Turkey are served international standards by terms of expertise and infrastructure.Especially big hospitals, has a many of Turkish doctors who speak English. and it have a well-established health sector in the fields of medicine and dentistry.Where the Department of Ambulance in all hospitals are Serving 24 hours with Complete readiness by doctors and pharmacies.


All health centers (medical-social) at Turkish universities provide free services to their students. At least one doctor and one nurse work in health centers on weekdays. Foreign students which studying at Turkish universities can also benefit from university health centers for free . In addition, foreign students who will study at Turkish universities must do health insurance to obtain a residence permit.


There's two type of Health insurance - public and private insurance.

1) Public insurance: a student registered in a Turkish university can obtain health insurance after 3 months from the date of registration at the university.The Hospital pricing vary according to the agreement (sgk). Where most public hospitals have full agreement with (SGK) it mean the patient does not pay anything to public hospitals. but in some private hospitals, the patient pays the non-covered section by sgk for health insurance and pays a total of 20% of the prescription price in pharmacy.After 3 months from registration date to university, and when applying for public insurance, the activation are done within 3 months, where average cost of public insurance 42 TL monthly.

2) Private insurance: The person have private insurance can not be treated in government hospitals. but some private hospitals offer discounts according to the agreements they make.