The Turkish Education Association (TED), which has been pioneering the development of education in Turkey since 1928 and which currently runs 25 schools all around the country, transferred its more than 85 year-long experience into the field of higher education and established TED University in 2009.

Aiming to provide the best educational experience to its students and to become one of the leading private not-for-profit universities in Turkey and carrying the mission of fostering graduates who are creative, critical-minded, self-confident, well-rounded lifelong learners, TED University has adopted innovative teaching pedagogies, a student centered approach, and a balanced focus on both the depth and breadth of knowledge. It offers liberal arts education with a common core content for one year, a major content for two years and a minor content for one year. At the beginning of their studies, students are placed into the faculty. In their second year, after they have taken courses from various departments of their faculty, they can decide on their department. The medium of instruction at TEDU is English.

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    TED Üniversitesi, Ziya Gökalp Caddesi No.48 06420, Kolej Çankaya ANKARA

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    Phone: 03124184147

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