Visa and residence in Turkey

It includes information on the procedures that foreign students wishing to study in Turkey must follow before and after traveling to Turkey, like visa and residence.

Transactions outside turkey (Visa Procedures)

Foreign students must apply to the Turkish Consulate with the following papers for a "study visa".

Application procedures :

For visa applications, first get an appointment  from

Required documents :

1) Letter of acceptance from Higher Education Institution or equivalent document (student document or registration document).

2) A valid and long-dated passport.

3) A document showing the financial potential (bank account, guarantee document, etc.) in Turkey to prove  ability to spend during education period.

4) Visa fee determined according to nationality.

5) Additional documents may be required by the consulate.

What you to do after arrival in Turkey (Residence Procedures)

During 30 days from entering to Turkey .you should check the Directorate of Migration of the city where you will be studying, Accompanied by the following documents, for obtaining Residence permit.

Documents required for residence permit:

1) Studentship documents taken from institution where education is received and e-signed /signed and stamped/sealed.

2) Passport or original and photocopy of passport substitute document.

3) Declaration which states that financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay (Is declared in the Application Form. Directorate may request supporting documents.)

4) Payment of Residence fees.

5) If you are staying in a rental house with a rental agreement, you must attach a notary public approved copy of your rental agreement to the application documents.

6) If you are staying in dormitory, you must attach e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document which shows that you are staying in dormitory to your application.

7) Student Visa taken from Turkish Embassy.

8) Studentship document or registration document for students who are studying a preparatory language year from the Institute.


Duration of Residence: Students studying a preparatory year will get residence permit a one-year Duration.but colleges Student gets 2 or 4 years residence permit Duration according to their department and passport. (residence permit can be extended later according to duration of the study).

Procedures after getting residence permit

1) International students who applied for study residence permit can verify the identity number through the website of the foreign identity inquiry. ( )

2) International students wishing to extend residence permit must apply for an extension, before the expiry of residence permit or during 15 days at latest from expiry date, to the immigration director .

3) If university, faculty or department transfers are made between cities, you must apply for residence permit within 10 days to provincial directorate of migration management in the city your where your new university is located. All of your transactions are concluded by provincial directorate of migration management in the city where new university is located.

4) In case of any scratch,or the residence permit is lost,the person must immediately apply to the Immigration Directorate for a new permit card.