Diploma Evaluation


The equivalency is a process of recognition foreign diplomas taken from the higher education institutions abroad.

For Turkish Citizens who take their diplomas from other countries, they must apply for Equivalency of their foreign diplomas and bring their "Diploma Equivalency". This is not necessary for non-Turkish citizens to study in Turkish Universities).

Type of diplomas for equivalency

  1. Secondary Education : Documents taken from secondary schooles abroad, like transcript, education certificate, certificate, examine this documents and choos class of secondary education  in which  / branch / department /  of the process of determining that it is equivalent in turkey . (Ministry of National Education Equivalence Regulation).

  2. Higher Education : Associate’s, bachelor or master degrees Taken from an international higher education institution recognized by the Higher Education Council,Recognition them by (YOK) like a undergraduate and graduate diplomas taken in Turkey .


For more informtion :

  1. http://www.yok.gov.tr/en/web/cohe/homepage

  2. http://www.meb.gov.tr/