The certificate awarded by Turkish universities is a certificate of high quality and recognized as a certificate equivalent to the certificates awarded by European universities as part of the Bologna project since 2001 and also a member of many different international platforms.

Bachelor’s Degree: The duration of study in all disciplines is 4 years except medicine 6 years, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary 5 years to obtain a master’s degree, a minimum  one year full-time study (a master’s degree without thesis). or two years should be completed for the preparation of a thesis, training or writing a thesis.

A doctoral degree requires at least three additional years of full-time study. Most of the time, a master’s degree is required for admission to a doctoral program, but some universities accept PhD students with a five-year joint program.

Compared with many other countries, the cost of living in Turkey is very low. The following are approximate prices by US dollar .

Basic services:

  • Public Student dormitory it is nearly $ 55. (3 persons room – 2 meals included)
  • Private student dormitory between $ 100-400 .(Varies by city and features)
  • Monthly house rent  between $ 400-200 .(Two room Apartment)
  • The student’s internal transport ticket is 50 cents
  • Lunch at the restaurant between $ 8-2
  • Cinema ticket   $ 4

Generally, the monthly expenditure of the international student in Turkey ranges from 250 to 500 dollars. This expense includes monthly living expenses and does not include tuition fees. This amount is the average expenditure and expenses. These expenses may vary by geographic region.

Of course, it is necessary to obtain health insurance during the period of study and for residence permit .

For a bachelor’s degree:

Government universities accept foreign students according to their own criteria. It is accepted through a test of foreign students conducted by most universities annually called the test of acceptance of foreign students (YÖS) and some are accepted through international certificates of admission or the rate of secondary certificate obtained by the student in his country.

for private universities, most do not require admission test, but accept the student directly through the point of secondary certificate obtained.

Postgraduate Studies:

For government universities, the admission system differs btween universities and according to the program, some require international tests and a foreign language certificate in addition to the Turkish language. but  private universities, are accepted directly and do not require international tests and language certificate.

The tuition fees for foreign students vary according to type of university, program and educational level

Bachelor’s (Approximate Annual Fees)


Type of program.         Public university                    Private university.

Medical programs         600 – 6000                            10000 – 25000


and Other specialties    200 – 1500                             2000 – 8000


Graduate Studies (Approximate Program  Fees)


                     .                  Public university                    Private university

Masters                             500 – 3000                        3500 – 8000

Phd                  .                2000 – 5000                      10000 – 20000

ID number is given to the students residing in Turkey more than six months. The application for residence certificate at the Province Police Offices is taken into consideration.

Education visa is given to foreign students coming to Turkey for education by Representative Offices of Turkey. The students should apply and take this visa from the embassies and consulates of Republic of Turkey.

It means the legal residence in Turkey. All foreign students who will get education in Turkey should take this certificate. Residence certificate can be taken from Province Police Offices. With the education visa taken from the Representative Offices of Turkey, it is applied to Police Offices of the provinces that education is got. If the residence certificate is not taken, the punishment can be implemented.

Turkish language education is offered either at the university or a Turkish education center in the city where your university is situated. But, Turkish language education can also be provided in another city if Turkish education center is not available in the city where your university is.

That means you will study at least 3 lesson from 10 in English in the year.

Yes. Education fee does not cover the expenses of one-year Turkish language education.and its cost nearly 1000 USD.