Turksih language


Turkish or Turkish language is one of the Altay language spoken from the Balkans to the west and form Caspian Sea area to the east. The age is 8500 according to the oldest accounts, and the oldest written language among the languages of the world who live today. These documents are quote words in the Sümerce tablets with nails. It forms the continuation of the Ottoman Turkic language from the Oguz sahi language in the Turkish writing language. Turkish is spoken mainly in the former Ottoman Empire geography including Turkey, is the 5 most spoken language in the world. It is a jointed syllable in Turkish. Therefore, as many words as desired can be derived from any action used. Turkey Turkish has dozens of additional partners or who split with other Turkish language because of this direction. In addition to being a rich language with a very wide use of Turkish, it has a general sentence in the form of "subject-object-predicate".

Learn Turkish Language

Education languages in most of Turkish universities are Turkish and English. There are even some courses that are conducted in English within universities in which the education language is Turkish. If you apply for a program in which the education language is Turkish whether you need to learn Turkish in the Turkish center in the university you applied for or in an independent language center. Turkey is the best place for those who are interested in learning Turkish. There are many language centers in Turkey.

Some of them:

- Turkish language teaching and research center (TÖMER)
- Language center in the relevant university
- Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Culture Centers
- Private Language Courses